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iFractales v1.2

icone du freeware iFractales


Compatiblity :
The minimum requirements: MacOS X (10.2)
This software was tested on MacOSX (10.3.9)

Operation :
This software allows you to generate some Fractal picture :
  • Von Koch snowflake
  • Von Koch flowsnake
  • Sierpinski carpet
  • Sierpinski gasket
  • Fractal tree
  • Hilbert
  • Peano
  • Cantor's castle
  • Sierpinski pentagon

Screen capture of freeware iFractales

The user can choose the color, the drawing mode (Fill/Stroke), the fractal picture's depth. You can save the picture as a TIFF picture (Apple-S).

The software is localised in French and English.

Examples of generated images :

Von Koch snowflake flowsnake
Sierpinski carpet and gasket
Hilbert et Peano
Tree fractale and Sierpinski's pentagone Cantor

Freeware :
iFractales is delivered in Freeware, that is to say it's free (it can be sold under no circumstances ! ). But if my software pleases you, even so you can send me a little bit of money, a postcard or an E-mail in order to encourage me to create other softwares or improve this one.
Distribution of iFractales and documentation are unrestricted, so long as the documentation and software are maintained together, unmodified , in the distribution. You can deliver my software on CD-Rom in condition that it is delivered freely (I wish to be kept informed).

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